Why? Who else is going to cover this territory? In the shadows of history dark mysteries compete for power in every area of human endeavour. And in the exploration to expose those forces, society has been shaped by two distinct metaphors for reality. The scientific metaphor, which treats the world as if all events are explicable by objective mathematics, and subjective Vitalism, which embues things with forces or intelligences not perceivable by scientific methods. Irrationality is inherent in mathematics itself. As mathematician Kurt Goedel revealed, all sufficiently complex systems have paradoxes. And yet paradox is the realm of animism. Like dark matter, illogic is the necessary opposite aspect of reality, the yang to logic’s yin. This is why the world never seems to make sense: it’s 50% nonsense. Skip takes it all in, then gives back.

Who is Skip McRobert?

McRobert is an alternative science/history nerd with an MFA in playwrighting. He lives in the Pacific Northwest, in a mysterious TV Mirage Portal. An Orthodox Christian in the eastern tradition, he dwells in a cloud of incense among church icons and pet rats. Most of his best friends are Ancient Ones wrongfully thought by the Seen World to be dead. These Ancient Ones live on in the UnSeen World. They communicate with BeerMothership Disciples through spiritual Mirage Portals… His 21st Century friends – many of them Canadian – are in much better health. He explores Vitalism and the Vedic tradition, and sees the world as composed of layers of meaning and meaninglessness, science & non-science. When the final cataclysmic battle between the forces of good and evil is unleashed on a galactic scale, he’ll be watching TV.

Survivor series vol. one now in print:
No TV Left Behind

BeerBoy One to Beerboy MotherShip—Come In MotherShip!!

For centuries, ancient unseen forces have been speaking to hermits and outcasts. And in the modern epoch, hermits and outcasts watch TV.

Amy and David don’t know each other, but they share a secret. For each, their lover is their TV. When David’s dies and Amy is forced by false friends to abandon hers, powers are unleashed that will open them to a strange New World of Mysticism, Vital Forces and Obscure Missions From Beyond.

Suddenly, every banal aspect of their life is imbued with fresh meaning: crows, pizza, beer and television become vehicles for ancient messages and inexplicable forces, portals to another level of being.

They used to connect with a universe of information on the Internet. But the real, universal internet is just under the surface of everything, waiting to rip the lid off their reality, and enlighten BeerBoy and BeerGirl disciples everywhere. Could you be one of them?

View the graphic novel website: Welcome and beware, BeerBoy and BeerGirl disciples!

Novel Excerpt: Not Romantic About Romance

… As the thorns pressed into her the diva convulsed, singing more forcefully. The music had a life of its own, possessing the singer’s body.

As Rose’s voice sounded through the stone hall David could hear changes in the echoes vibrations. Throughout the performance the vibrations had fed Rose’s vocal chords, like dropping gasoline on a fire. At this point, though, David could hear that the building was beginning to do more.

David looked toward the wall nearest him. The crystal structure of the wall glistened. Looking back toward the diva David saw sparks rising from the stone stage…