Dear Beergirl and Beerboy Disciples,


Say, Americans can have some strange ideas about Canada. So, Beergirl and Beerboy Disciples, I wanted to run some things past you that I’ve heard about Canada. What do you think, is this all true:

“Canadian Thanksgiving Day is the day Canadians celebrate their pet walruses coming out of hibernation.

In preparation for Thanksgiving Day the previous week all Canadians take their dogs and cats to the government-run butcher shops (part of socialized medicine), to have the critters butchered.

The dog and cat meat is then stacked up alongside houses where it stays frozen all winter, and is used to feed the walruses.

The dogs and cats would have all died during the winter anyway from Cabin Fever. There is no vaccine that can prevent, or antibiotic that can kill Cabin Fever.

Then, in the spring, the Hudson’s Bay Company has their annual Dog and Cat Restocking Sale, when all Canadians buy new dogs and cats.”

What do you think, Disciples, is any of this not true?


From the Mothership,