To know the man, know what he watches. Here are some TV shows I like. They are listed in 2 groups, by how much I like them.   Within the groups I haven’t listed one as being more of a favorite. So, I’ve listed the shows alphabetically:

I. TV Faves

  1. La Femme Nikita
  2. Longmire
  3. Man In A Suitcase
  4. Millennium
  5. Secret Agent Man
  6. Twin Peaks

II. TV Second Faves

  1. A. Callan
  2. Happy Town
  3. Hawaii 5-0
  4. Highlander
  5. Naked City
  6. Perry Mason
  7. Peter Gunn (season 1)

III. Movie Faves

Here are some Movies that are favorites, again, one not more of a favorite than the others:

  1. The Apostate, with Dennis Hopper
  2. Big Trouble in Little China
  3. Bram Stoker’s Dracula
  4. Casablanca
  5. Get Shorty
  6. Heat
  7. Lord of War
  8. The Lost Weekend
  9. Public Enemy by Michael Mann
  10. Road to Perdition
  11. The Terminal
  12. The Treasure of Sierra Madre
  13. The Wild Bunch